Felix Salfner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I just switched from Corel PhotoPaint to the Gimp and am looking for a
> way to position the image on the page for printing.
> Within PhotoPaint, the printing dialog lets you graphically adjust the
> size of the image and position it on the page directly by mouse. Of
> course, there's also the choice to set the size to "original size" and
> to "center" the image. Furthermore, PhotoPaint can automatically shrink
> the image such that it fits the paper size.
> How can this be done with Gimp? I didn't find the appropriate dialog / menu.

You have two options:

(1) Switch to a non-Win32 platform. The standard print plug-in has the
    features you are asking for. The winprint plug-in that is used for
    printing on Windows seems to be rather limited in functionality.

(2) Add the missing functionality to the winprint plug-in or look for
    someone who can do this for you (and for the other Win32 users).

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