On Fri, 2005-01-14 at 21:40 +0100, Marco wrote:
> Hello,
> firstly, I got really impressed by the way this stuff has been
> recognised... without editing ANYTHING the tablet could work... and I
> could even do some drawings...
> the problem is:
> there is none of the 512 (i think) pressure levels active. i don't
> know how this can be fixed, and I don't even know either if it is
> actually a GIMP problem or not [please don't kill me]...
> as I have found nothing helpful over the net, can you suggest me some 
> solutions?

Did you enable the devices in File->Preferences->Input
Devices->Configure Extended Input devices?
I'm assuming you already set the proper configuration lines for the
tablet's parts in your X config. Unless you meant that by editing
nothing, you just plugged in the tablet and it worked (which I did
before I setup the X config).
If that is the case, you need the appropriate lines in your X config so
it knows the tablet is something other than just a USB mouse.

> gr33ts
> :m8c:

Mark II

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