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firstly, I got really impressed by the way this stuff has been
recognised... without editing ANYTHING the tablet could work... and I
could even do some drawings...

The default is to have your mouse / stylus / eraser acting like a mouse.

There is the linuxwacom project that allows the correct working of the wacom tablet replacing some modules in the kernel and in the xfree tree (I suppose you are using linux).

This project is hosted at sourceforge :


the problem is:

there is none of the 512 (i think) pressure levels active. i don't
know how this can be fixed, and I don't even know either if it is
actually a GIMP problem or not [please don't kill me]...

I've a graphire 2 and I've the full functionnalities only after using the modules from this project

as I have found nothing helpful over the net, can you suggest me some solutions?




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