On Fri, Jan 14, 2005 at 10:45:13PM -0500, Ryan Coyner wrote:
> When I quit (after saving) the gimp while working a project with
> multiple layers, all the layers seem to merge into one called
> "Background" when I open it up again. Is there a way to preserve the
> multiple layers so tha when I come back to the project I can edit the
> individual layers? Thanks in advance.
can you provide additional information?

an example file is helpful whenever reporting a problem or asking for

they make me explain the methods i used to create the file.

right now in this thread, everyone is just guessing -- people who would
be better working on actual gimp problems are even getting in on the

the best way to share your file on this list is to put the file online
and provide a url.  to report the method you used to save the file, you
might mention whether or not you saw the "Export Dialog".  the gimp does
not make changes to a file without telling you it is going to do this.
perhaps this warning seems cryptic, however, you probably agreed to the
layers merging.

also, confirmation that you are reading the help mentioned here is just
good procedure no matter who you are asking help from.

right now, i am guessing that gimp did exactly what you told it to and
you are not reading the help being offered via this list.  feel free to
correct this guess with a few facts.


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