On Sat, Jan 15, 2005 at 08:47:24PM +0100, Andreas Waechter wrote:
> >>Not a very obvious place to look for it ...
> >can you share an example of an obvious place?
> THE obvious place for that information would be where that 
> information is needed.
> On the same page of the Preferences dialog.
> As I answered on Alan Horkans question already (which went 
> to him only because of that imho stupid list default for 
> replies - this is the only list out of 20+ where a reply 
> goes to the sender instead of to the list) the title with 
> that big icon is superfluous as the current page of the 
> preferences dialog is marked in the tree, also the two lists 
> for preset choices of titles/statusbar entries could be much 
> smaller (and scrollable if necessary).
sorry about all of the frustration here.  the thing that must be
remembered is that you are using software which would not exist if not
for its linux origins and its linux ways, and for what i understand
about how that all works, it should be worth the cost of the application
if all you are asked is to respect its origins and traditions.

there is another side of this argument (i am not taking either side
right now) where people are concerned about the need to have all
configurations have a gui.  they already destroyed some of the nicest
parts of the file selection and file saving in the name of simplicity, i
prefer that they dont clutter the rest of the gui to make this sort of
personalization easier for the few who need it.  i have been following
this list for many years and this is the first time someone needed to
change the title on the image window, to the best of my memory.

i think there is a point where people with extreme and unusual
personalization needs might need to do a little not pretty digging.  the
fact that your question was answered here, both quickly and accurately
means it was not so difficult to find out and using the default titles
did not hamper your image making needs so much. (or did it?)

> One or two lines would be enough - just display the %f and 
> so on and give the meaning in a tooltip.
perhaps you could write a tutorial about how to make the changes you
need with the way the gimp currently does this?  sometimes my tutorials 
are written to show something i think is stupid and should be done better.  
none of my recent tutorials do this, but it is still an excellent way to
contribute, sound off and express your opinion all at the same time. and
occasionally, as i have written the tutorials, i could see the reason
things were done this way.

gimp tries to work with freedesktop.org so that it can continue to work
on all platforms, so please cite things there so that we can continue
the multi-platform work.

that way to handle the window titles is how the linux people have been
doing their windows since i started to use it.  if it is compliant with
the desktop standards, then user interface is the next priority (the way
i see it).  an online how-to is a good step in the right direction for
you to help others who might also want to change their window titles.


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