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> Hello,
> I've only used gimp a little bit but need to teach an autistic child
> to not run into the street and do other things.
> To do that, I need to take pictures and then super-impose a basic no
> sign (like you see for no-smoking) over it.  I need to do this for a
> lot of pictures.
> Any suggestions for how to do that.  I am going through the gimp help
> browser now but have basically no idea.  I _really_ appreciate it.

The easiest way I can think of is to create your red circle with the
slash through it in the right size and then save it as a brush. Then you
can simply stamp it on each image where you need it. 

Brushes are saved in .gbr format in the brushes subdirectory of your
~/.gimp directory. (~/.gimp might be named ~/.gimp-2.0 instead, or
similar, but you get the idea.)

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