Shawn <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I've only used gimp a little bit but need to teach an autistic child to
> not run into the street and do other things.
> To do that, I need to take pictures and then super-impose a basic no
> sign (like you see for no-smoking) over it.  I need to do this for a lot
> of pictures.
> Any suggestions for how to do that.  I am going through the gimp help
> browser now but have basically no idea.  I _really_ appreciate it.

Load your picture, create an empty layer on top of it and draw your
red circle there. You can then adjust opacity of the upper layer in
the Layers dialog.

If you need to do this for a lot of images, I suggest that you use a
vectors program to create the "forbidden sign" and save it as SVG.
Then you can load this image as a layer into your images (using
File->Open as Layer).

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