"Jozsef Mak" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Finally, i updated my Gimp to version 2.2.2 on my Linux box as well.
> Previously, i had 2.06 installed with help files working
> perfectly. Now, with version 2.2.2 installed my help files are not
> functioning any longer. When i click the help menu i get the following
> error;
> There is a problem with the GIMP help files.
> Parse error in '/usr/local/share/gimp/2.0/help/en/gimp-help.xml':
> Error on line 1 char 1: Document was empty or contained only whitespace
> Please check your installation.
> How can i fix this problem?

Well, what exactly is your problem? There's a rather descriptive error
message so I guess you already had a look at gimp-help.xml. Is it
indeed empty?

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