2005-01-16, v keltezéssel 18:24-kor Sven Neumann ezt írta:
> Hi,
> Laszlo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > I want to open a windows metafile (.wmz), and the plugin open fine (I
> > can choose the dimension and the dpi value too. Its just good), BUT
> > where can I choose the caracter encoding?
> The libwmf API (which is what the GIMP plug-in uses to load the file)
> doesn't seem to have a way to specify the encoding. Shouldn't it be
> specified in the file itself?
> I suggest that you check the libwmf has a bug tracker or a mailing
> list where you could get more information about this.
I will check the libwmf mailing list.

I write down how I solved my problem:

1. I convert with wmf2fig the .wmf file to .fig file
(wmf2svg produced a .svg that didnt worked for gimp neither for
inkscape. wmf2eps produces an .eps with unreadable junk at the accented
caracter place.)
2. Open the .fig file with xfig. And export to .svg
3. Open the .svg file with inkscape, and change some small thing (move
the text to the right place, etc).
4. export as .eps from inkscape.
5. open with scribus, and place at the right place on the A4 paper. (I
have printed out the documentation without the images.)
6. print from scribus

Small problem: in xfig or inkscape the text does not show as text all
the letter are invidual object. (so cant edit the text, cant fix the
caracter encoding (two letter are different in iso-8859-2 (o~ vs. o"; u^
vs. u"))

> > In the scale image dialog the percent unit entry does not work anymore.
> That's a known problem that is fixed with GIMP 2.2.2. So said you are
> using Debian Sid. Any particular reason that you haven't updated to
> the latest stable GIMP release yet?
Nope. I will update as soon as possible. (didnt know about 2.2.2)

Thx for the quick reponse.
> Sven
Best regards, 

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