I wonder whether somebody has a script available (or something easy to
modify/adjust) that allows me to do the following:
1. I can select a couple of jpeg image files in the Windows Exporer or
Linux KDE filemanager (or under another Linux desktop).
2. I can kick-off an operating system level script (e.g. by having added
the script to the file context menu). The script takes the list of jpeg
filenames as argument(s). It openes gimp and runs a script within gimp
that openes each file (sequentially), performs a 90 degree rotation and
saves each file again under the same name (or under a different name by
appending something to the filename) at the same image size / quality.
It is probably easier to start / end gimp for each and every file to be
modified, as the list manipulation can be done on operating system
level. More efficient is certainly to work through ths list within gimp.
In the end I don't care too much, as I would expect to take a coffee
break when running the script anyway...

This would be a user-friendly way to look at thumbnail previews of
images taken with a digital camera, select those images from the
directory that have not been taken
in landscape orientation and use gimp to rotate them. By modifying the
script other features for batch processing of these images could be

Thanks & Best Regards,

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