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>  Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2005 13:21:46 -0800
>  From: Brion Vibber <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>  To: gimp-user@lists.xcf.berkeley.edu
>  Subject: [Gimp-user] Re: New to list! Cannot write XPM
>  Geek wrote:
>  > I am a Debian woody user and use the .deb package of GIMP, which is 1.2.3 
> at
>  > this time.
>  1.2.3 is about three years old, and two entire release cycles have gone 
>  by since then, including lots of bug fixes. If you can't run a current 
>  version (the current stable release is 2.2.2), you might try contacting 
>  the Debian package maintainer.
>  (Much more recent versions of Gimp are available in Debian's testing and 
>  unstable distributions.)

Unfortunately, that's not an option for me. There's serious glibc conflicts in
the installers and therefore I'm stuck on stable. Pro'lly a hardware bug on my

>  > I just had to re-install and found my freshly installed GIMP cannot write 
> XPM,
>  > but only read.
>  > 
>  > I have the full XPM libraries installed, including the -dev headers.
>  A google search on 'gimp save xpm' turns up a notice about a problem on 
>  Mandrake with a bug in the XPM library causing Gimp to be unable to save 
>  XPM files. The same or a similar bug may or may not be hitting you.
>  Also, you might want to specify just how things are failing. Is there an 
>  error message when you try to save, or is the option of XPM not even 
>  given? Are there messages on the console? etc

Dead silent - no errors, nothing. It gives correct dialogs, alpha settings,
then acts like it's saving, but the file's just not there!

Enabling debuggers also show no errors.

Google will not show the bug - for spam reasons, many maillists have
"spider-spray" ;-)

Sven gave me some good info, so I'll wait a week for the bugfix, then install
the XPM library from sources.

>  -- brion vibber (brion @ pobox.com)

Gregg "t3h g33k"

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