This is getting really frustrating...

Windows XP Pro sp2 with latest security patches installed
AMD  Processors (this is happening on multiple machines)

Almost (but not quite) every time I open a simple .bmp or .tif file I have
scanned, and do a 'save as' to save it as a .jpg, GIMP stops responding - I am
not even able to kill it in the process manager, although, surprisingly, I am
able to minimize and maximize the windows. The only way to kill it is to reboot,
which is totally unacceptable.

These files are *not* that big (a few megs), and it is happening on every
machine I have installed 2.2.x on. 2.0 worked just fine. I really like some of
the improvements in 2.2.x series, but have had to drop back to 2.0.6 until this
is fixed.

Any ideas? Others having the same problem?


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