On Wed, Jan 19, 2005 at 09:23:51PM +0000, Charles Marcus wrote:
> This is getting really frustrating...
> Windows XP Pro sp2 with latest security patches installed
> AMD  Processors (this is happening on multiple machines)
> Almost (but not quite) every time I open a simple .bmp or .tif file I have
> scanned, and do a 'save as' to save it as a .jpg, GIMP stops responding - I am
> not even able to kill it in the process manager, although, surprisingly, I am
> able to minimize and maximize the windows. The only way to kill it is to 
> reboot,
> which is totally unacceptable.
okay, this is a rant from someone in the gnu/linux community.

if rebooting to solve software problems had been unacceptable to the
window using community, Microsoft would not exist today (as it does) and
you would not be rebooting gimp now.

thank you,

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