Alexander Rabtchevich <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I've looked through the discussion on the next GIMP release in the
> development list. :) Are there any plans on adding the features the
> text tool don't have compared to freetype plugin (spacing,
> transformations).
>   While the transformations are available via tools, there is the bug
>   at least in the latest build for Windows (2.2.1) that after editing
>   the text being transformed before it loses the transformations.

Yes, transformations will be added for GIMP 2.4. It's already almost
working in my tree, I only haven't had enough free time at hand yet to
complete it.

Spacing on the other hand is difficult to implement and depends on
features being added to Pango. There's a bug report about it in case
you are interested in the details.

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