Dana Silbera wrote:
> In any case, the specific problem I'm getting is while colour balancing
> of the final image, and each shift of the slider requires a bit over 20
> seconds to complete the colour change over the image, which seems
> slower than it should be. It's just a little difficult to really get an
> idea how the before/after compare when it doesn't flick from one
> adjustment to another in time to see it 'real time'. 

I think you're right, actually.  (You must have a pretty slow machine, though --
it only takes about 3 seconds for an image that size on mine.)

I have noticed before that the previews for the image map tools (of which
color balance is one) seem slower than they ought to be.  The operation
they are doing is extrememly simple, so they ought to be as fast as other
simple tools like bucket-fill, but they are not.

  -- Bill

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