[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2005-01-28 at 1704.41 -0600):
> I want to create what I can only describe as a submarine shape. I want a
> cylinder that is rounded on the ends and looks 3D. Just a left to right
> view, no angles no perspective. Boy, I sure don't know how to do this. Can
> anyone point?

Make the shape as a mask then use traditional shading approaches. You
know, all those "paint spheres and cubes with highlights and shadows",
what you want sounds like half sphere - cylinder - half sphere.

If the shape is regular and you are not very artistic inclined, maybe
you can get it done with bump map or lighting effects or even some map
to object and assembling the parts. For example render a sphere, then
cut it in half and extend the middle part to make a cylinder (cut one
pixel wide from one half sphere then scale it horizontaly so you join
both half spheres).

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