[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2005-01-28 at 1844.21 -0500):
> This sounds like something that might be easier to do in Blender, an 
> open source 3D application at www.blender3d.org .  While the tool takes 
> some getting used to, it's well worth it. 

It is a bit overkill for this, specially if you do not know the
interface already. Otherwise it is really fast. It is (was?) not
oriented at unexperienced but at meeting deadlines.

> Here's the rough workflow:
> Add > Mesh > Cylinder
> Add > Mesh > Sphere
> Duplicate and move sphere

That can be done with just one add sphere, then select half of it and
extrude, so you do not have continuity problems.

> While I'm sure the GIMP can do this, the procedure for doing so might be 
> pretty awkward. 

Nah, faking 3D in 2D apps is pretty old, most include filters that do
it, for simple shapes at least.

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