Alle 14:23, domenica 30 gennaio 2005, Sven Neumann ha scritto:
> Hi,
> Vittorio <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > I put this new link as you said but still doesn't work,i.e. xsane
> > (which works standalone, I repeat) is seen by the Gimp as a plug-in
> > BUT doesn't appear in the menu.  Ciao Vittorio
> How do you know that it is seen by GIMP as a plug-in? Did you locate
> it in the Plug-In Browser (as found in Toolbox->Xtns)?
Sven, when you launch the gimp, at the very beginning during the booting a 
rectangular box with the word Gimp 2.0 and many running words occupies the 
display. One of those running words is "plug-ins" and another is "xsane". 
This intutevely makes me think that xsane has been detected.

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