[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2005-01-31 at 0445.16 +0100):
> GSR, what i want is the functionality that oekakis have, and also some paint 
> programs, a way to see the development of a painting.
> It's very usefull for artists to see how others paint, they can learn just 
> watching. And is a great way for sharing techniques.

Oh, yeah, I have seen some archives of "recorded images" (opencanvas
or dogwaffle, dunno now, it was time ago).

> Recording a video is an extreme solution, but easy to do.

It also has one adventage over a finished stroke method (= undo /
redo): you see the timing of the strokes, if the artist does something
faster than other part, stops to think something, changes zoom levels,
does something wrong and fixes it, does something in the dialogs...

I have some of 3D and 2D apps around, which I found pretty useful,
more than just things appearing in the screen, last one I got is:

Main disadvantage of videos is the size but as compensation it is more
like watching the artist in reality.

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