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Thanks everyone for your information. I should have provided you with more details on what I am doing. I have hugin running however it does not appear to be the optimal tool for this task.

I have a book, printed in 1945 or so, and it is of a very odd size, large, with a lot of photos and text. My flatbed scanner can only scan about 2/3 of a page. So I end up with multiple images for each single page, and would like to combine them into one page.

So far I have tried hugin twice on image sets, and although it runs, I can't seem to figure out how to turn the lens function off. I don't want any distoration because these are pages out of a book.

Before moving to the other list, I thought I would ask again with more info. This is the first time I've tried to do something like this.


Although it is not a plugin and not a very automated way to do it, what you want to do is close to what this tutorial describes:
It seems however tedious if you have a full book to process.

Another solution would be xmerge, since it appears to be for scanned images
Unfortunately, the web page is not very detailed.
Other solutions could be autopano-sift ( )
or using wine with a windows software doing this task if you know one (if not, here is a list ).

I am unfortunately not at all a specialist of this topic :(



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