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It's a problem, but not so much a bug as a limitation of the 'crawling ants' view that shows a selection. Pixels aren't just 'selected' or 'not selected' in that image, there are some pixels which are 10% selected, 20, 50, 80, 100% selected, and so on. The crawling ants outline view of a selection however, doesn't show anything more than a binary representation - presumably with a cutoff of 50%, meaning you only see the dotted outline around pixels that are more than 50% selected, and those under 50% show as unselected, which includes the areas that are showing up as problems in the shins for example.

I had no idea that GIMP could select a portion of a pixel. How is it that it can select a % of the pixel?

It depends on the way you make the selection in the first place. If you just use the lasso to select areas, then gimp will select only what's inside the area you draw. If you use the Select->Select By Color tool and click on an area of colour, depending on the Threshold value other colours will be partially selected as well. This is useful when you may wish to make a selection that contains most of the sky in a photo, but that sky may contain grades of colour that stretch across anything from white to light blue.

I find I use it to make subtle colour shifts - say selecting an area by colour and adjusting colour balance slightly in that area. It's not always so good for selecting large areas to be accurately deleted, or to do other really dynamic changes to :).


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