Antti Mškelš wrote:


Where can I set the default quality when saving JPEG images? The default 85
is too low, I want to use 98. I could not find a suitable setting anywhere,
either in config files or in menus.  Where is it hidden?

 (No lectures on the default 85 being "enough", thank you - it is not
enough, and I can clearly see artifacts on my edited digital photographs if
saved with 85.).


I assume your camera is outputing jpeg. Does it have a raw or tiff output as well? The raw you'd have to drag through a converter thats specific to your camera, but you could probably write that out to tiff. As others noted, while working on the photo, save to gimp's native file format. After that, save as tiff or png for lossless compression. I also seem to remember that saving above the low 90's actually resulted in larger files (than the input) with no real improvement in image quality.

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