On Wednesday 09 February 2005 21:15, Jim Clark wrote:
> I would like to make an arch like the one seen in the logo on the
> top of the page at http://www.rma.usda.giv/ The arch is symmetrical
> but not a piece of an arc. And it has one color on the outside and
> another on the inside.
> I'd appreciate any assistance anyone has to offer. I like this
> shape.....I want to use it. I am no artist--possibly I could just
> freehand it, but I'm not good enough. And the fill blend is nicely
> done.

(Ok - if anyone did wants to see it, it is obvioulsy a .gov site, not  
a .giv)
You are asking for the vectors created with the Path tool (The one 
following the scissors on the toolbox).

Give it a try - play with it - check the "vectors" dialog in the 
Layers dockable. Remember that you have to CTRL + Click on the 
starting node to close a curve.

You can Stroke a path, in the edit menu, and convert a path to a 
selection, and later fill it with the Path tool itself.


> Thanks-
> Jim Clark
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