One of the admins at my work purportedly uses Macormedia's Fireworks for raster 
image editing.

He told me that the default file format is png!  I called him a bold faced 
lier, but he swears up and down that png is the default format.  I asked him 
about layers, and he said the pngs that Fireworks saves can DO LAYERS.  I 
haven't seen it firsthand... is there any truth to this!?

And getting back to an earlier debate (file format 'lock-in' / divide and 
conquer), I've read somewhere that MS Word stole the word processing scene back 
in the day by:
1) implementing a damn near perfect WordPerfect (word pro leader at the time?) 
import filter but (in)conveniently lacked any WordPerfect output filter.
2) offering Word inexpensively

For what it's worth, I think the Gimp would excel and enlighten if it had the 
best psd import AND export filter as possible.  But I've learned to live with 
the current state of the psd filter at work.  I use Gimp for 95% of my work 
(web devel/print work), and the main print guy uses PS for everything.  The 
times when our work overlaps, I can conveniently save to psd for him from the 
Gimp if layers are an issue, and that has been a decent working solution for 
the 2+ years I've been at my current employment.

Implementing the import/export of a dynamic text layer from psd would be a nice 
addition though.

Eric P.

On Wed, Feb 09, 2005 at 09:10:14PM -0200, Joao S. O. Bueno Calligaris wrote:
> Hi.
> So.
> TIFF format can have layers, and that is documented (although just 
> using the 'normal' blending mode).
> Can Photoshop work with layered TIFF's?
> I think the support for layers in TIFFs is a lot easier to achieve 
> than trying to figure out the PSD file, since the TIFF standard is 
> documented, and that would be a good format for interchange of 
> layered images.
> What do you say?
>       JS
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