Olivier Ripoll wrote:

Well, think as a human being (not a coder, nor an artist). What do you call transparent in life ? The windows of your house or office, be they perfectly clean, dirty or tainted are "transparent". You feel intuitively that transparency is not a binary property, it is a continuum of states. You would never qualified a door opening of "opaque" and "transparent", but you use "open" and "closed".

My problem with that thought process is that I think of transparent, translucent and opaque. Transparent is the unreachable clarity of perfectly 'invisible.' Seeing through something as if it's not there. Translucent is that characteristic where what you're looking through 'affects' what you're looking at, not distorting it, but reducing the clarity. Opaque is just that, can't see anything behind it.

I never considered anything like 'partial transparency' until I started playing with GIMP. Seems I recognize that functionality in some cases, but not others. For example, I do recall playing with the transparent slider for a layer, knowing full well that it provides a % of transparency. That makes more sense now, after my confusing problems with selection.

Until later, Geoffrey
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