On Thu, Feb 10, 2005 at 06:23:25PM -0500, Gracia M. Littauer wrote:
> I don't even know how to look up this question in the manual (or ask it 
> there). I want to put 3 pix in 1 file (canvas). Basically to save paper 
> when I have some small pix to print
i dont know about drag and drop in gimp for this, however right click on
the image to be moved Edit -->Copy then right click on the target image
Edit -->Paste and an extra Layer -->New Layer.  this will place it in
the center of the target image area.  move it around with the move tool
until you are happy with it and then repeat with the next layer.

there might be others who understand the drag and drop stuff -- when i
first started using gimp, drag and drop was sort of frightening (back in
the xfree3 days and on a very old and not very strong computer).

save your work as an xcf so that you can retain your layers for further
adjustment.  you will find, as you use gimp more and more, that the
layer handling is more dynamic in many cases than photoshop.  in the
early days of gimp and the mid-life of photoshop -- gimp worked with
layers and photoshop worked with selections.  the differences have
blurred some in those years, but just from the origins of each they
still remain.

the need to tell gimp to add a new layer after a paste is partly due to
the things that gimp has and always will do.  masking and such.  it is
so much better than selections, especially if you need to go back and
fix things later.

good luck with the switch-over.  sorry for the extra steps if no one
tells how to drag layers.


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