On Sat, Feb 12, 2005 at 08:35:37PM -0400, dave.smith wrote:
> I've just upgraded to the latest version of GIMP and everything seems to
> go OK. When I opened up the programme the first time it was clearly
> opening up the new version and asked if I want to upgrade or re-install.
the obvious question here is which operating system and then which
variety of that.

they made newer versions of gimp2 so that it would migrate whatever
files in the user directory of the old version into the new one and that
this doesn't work so well on windows.

> I chose upgrade (well, I had a choice of two things and had to pick
> one!) and now when I click to open up the programme it starts but does
> not complete. It then just disappears and leaves me with nothing!!
another good question is which version of gimp did you have and which
version are you updating to?

> So ... what's the problem ... and what to do to get this programme up
> and running again?
a quick solution that might work on any os and any variety of it is to
move your user directory out of the way.  either change the name:
"mv .gimp-2.0 .gimp-2.0-old" or remove it entirely "rm -rf .gimp-2.0/*"
or whatever version you used to have.  and to be on the safe side,
remove the new one it made also -- once again, you will need to know the
version numbers to determine the name of the files i mentioned.


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