"dave.smith" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I've just upgraded to the latest version of GIMP and everything seems to
> go OK. When I opened up the programme the first time it was clearly
> opening up the new version and asked if I want to upgrade or re-install.
> I chose upgrade (well, I had a choice of two things and had to pick
> one!) and now when I click to open up the programme it starts but does
> not complete. It then just disappears and leaves me with nothing!!
> So ... what's the problem ... and what to do to get this programme up
> and running again?

Move away the .gimp-2.2 folder in your Home directory (rename it, we
might want to have a look at it later...). Then start gimp again. It
should do a clean user install then. If that works for you, it would
be nice if you could report back. Perhaps we can find out what had
gone wrong and fix the problem.

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