Cristian David wrote:

> I downloaded the Picture "Eastern Hemisphere 2048 by 2048 pixels
> (7.1 MB TIFF)" from
> .
> After this I tried to put another layer over the black part. But
> what ever I tried, the black part of the picture covers it. Another
> strange thing is, that die black part is allways shown, even when
> al* layers are deactivated.

Carol Spears wrote:

> the error message from gimp is somewhat revealing, however:
> alpha channel type not defined for file
> ~/.gimp-2.3/tmp/gimp_temp_157230.tif. Assuming alpha is not
> premultiplied 

An even more revealing error message appears if you try to display
this image using xv:  "Sorry, can not handle 6 channel images."

It looks like the GIMP tiff plug-in mishandles the image in a 
way that causes data corruption in the core.

  -- Bill

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