On Monday 14 February 2005 02:07 pm, GSR - FR wrote:
> So can we drop the thing now? If something else, you should contact
> the mail admins. The rest of people should have filters, antivirus,
> patched systems and so on if they want to keep on Internet without
> more problems than ISP cutting lines and saying "it was not us,
> please check your network configuration". ;]

Actually GSR, I dropped it after I sent the original.  I only pointed it 
out, as I mentioned in my second mail, so as to bring attention to it 
and possibly the user infected.  I'm sure that they don't like being 
infected anymore than we like getting their infected mails.  Usually 
just putting a Windows machine on the internet means it's infected, so 
that part is not too difficult to discern, but again, point was made, 
discussion ensued and now let's move on.


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