Matthew H. Plough wrote:

So why do you Linux guys care so much if viruses hit the list? Just delete them as you would any other spam that hits your inbox.

Well, let's see. For one thing it's going to be a lot larger then your average email, executables tend to do so. Second, I kinda like receiving email I'm interested in. Third, it's my bloody disk space.
Fourth, I receive over 150 email messages a day, so I do my fair share of deleting, I don't want to have to delete messages I didn't want to start with. (I have a camera that watches my driveway so I can ignore people who come to my door, (people spam))

I'm pretty irked that you guys embraced the idea of blocking all messages originating from Windows machines. I hope you show a little bit more common sense in your next message.

Don't lump everyone one in the same bag okay? That being said, it is recognized that 99% of spam and viri are generated from Windows boxes.

Do note, I was not one of the one's pointing fingers at you.

Until later, Geoffrey
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