On Thursday 17 February 2005 11:24, Alexander Rabtchevich wrote:
> There are some lossless jpeg transformations - flip and rotate (as
> Ifran view does under Windows). Are there any plans to introduce
> them in GIMP?

They would not make much sense in the GIMP.

Once an image is open, the GIMP doesn't 'know' were it came from - but 
for it's name and save options.
For this to work, the transform tools would have to be 'jpeg aware' - 
moreover, no other image editing of any kind could be done besides 
the rotate or flip, before the image is saved back again.

In short: you'd better doing these trasnforms with another program 
that doesn't do general editing of a image.

Ok - I can think of one way of this being feasible - when the 
structure for the macro recorder is in place, or when an API for the 
undo steps is in place, the Jpeg filter could check, on save, if 
a) The image was loaded from a jpeg, and the original file is still 
b) The only operations performed on the image were images that can be 
performed in lossless way
And them it would:
c) Discard the Gimp image data, and perform the transform by itself on 
the orginal file.

--That means, that the jpeg plug-in would do the job, not the GIMP. It 
would be feasible, but I do not see it making much sense, and would 
be a terrible hack.
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