Could it be done via additional menu item: open for the lossless transformations with only few operations active? The operation itself has sense for digital images with portrait orientation. It would be nice to store the original images without data loss but with corrected orientation.

By the way, I'm just curious, is it possible to apply different jpeg settings to the different parts of an image? :) To different pixels? I mean if the jpg image haven't undergo transformations affected the whole image, the unaffected parts of the image could be saved as the original compressed data without recompression (at least beyond adjacent points). These pixels could be obtained by the simple comparison with the original file.

Joao S. O. Bueno Calligaris wrote:
Ok - I can think of one way of this being feasible - when the structure for the macro recorder is in place, or when an API for the undo steps is in place, the Jpeg filter could check, on save, if a) The image was loaded from a jpeg, and the original file is still available
b) The only operations performed on the image were images that can be performed in lossless way
And them it would:
c) Discard the Gimp image data, and perform the transform by itself on the orginal file.

--That means, that the jpeg plug-in would do the job, not the GIMP. It would be feasible, but I do not see it making much sense, and would be a terrible hack.

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Alexander Rabtchevich
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