Sven wrote:

>> I can't remember if "html" files has been associated to crimson. May
>> be, but now aren't associated. I haved tried tipical solution:
>> unistall crimson, gimp, look for crimson association in the windows
>> register.....
> This is not at all about filetype association. GIMP help calls the
> default web browser, so that's what you should be looking for. It
> appears that Crimson is set to be the default browser on your system.

Actually this is not quite correct.  GIMP simply tells Windows to 
"open" the url, it does not specify that a web browser should be
used.  Now, if the url had an extension of .html, then the system
default browser would be used unless some other handler had been
associated with the .html extension.  But in many cases the url's used by
the help system are more complicated, e.g. ch03.html#gimp-tool-options-save.
It is not clear how Windows will react when asked to "open" such
a thing.

I have added a comment to this effect to the relevant bug report,

  -- Bill

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