The port to GIMP 2.2.3 and GTK+ 2.6 was easier than I thought it would
be.  I thought I'd have more trouble figuring out those pesky
TreeViewModel's, but that went over much easier than I expected.  Cscope
makes making mass changes sooooo easy, too.

This release is a complete port to both GIMP 2.2.3 and GTK+ 2.6
including porting all deprecated features (ie GIMP_DISABLE_DEPRECATED
and GTK_DISABLE_DEPRECATED are now part of the build).

There are still functional bugs but for the most part the plugins work
as before (ie GIMP 1.2).  If anyone tries these please report bugs to
the bug db (

Source Download:

PS: I still haven't ported the perl scripts.  I haven't gotten around to
installing the new Perl configs for GIMP 2.x.  It's on the todo list.
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