This method does not deliver what I require. But thank you for helping me learn 
how to manage palette's.

What I need through GIMP is a way to remove individual colours from the image 
dynamically in real-time. For example, I would click one colour to turn it 
"off" and see the change to the image. If the image isn't severely affected by 
turning "off" that one colour, then that colour should be removed.

I deal with images that are only 2-64 colours each, and shaving off colours is 
a huge importance to get the filesize down to the absolute smallest.

Currently I use Web Image Guru to do this. Great program. But it costs money. 
The programmers I work with are all interested in installed GIMP on their 
machines. So going through GIMP, I haven't been able to easily reduce colours 
of an image on-the-fly.


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On Mon, Feb 21, 2005 at 02:53:58PM -0500, Kalle Ounapuu wrote:
> In GIMP, is there an area where I can lock/remove individual colours in an 
> Indexed colour palette of an image?
> I was able to see a colour table Dialog in GIMP, where I could edit RGB 
> values and add an additional colour. But I couldn't see anyway to remove 
> colours or lock them from being removed.
if the image is already in Indexed mode, you can import the palette
directly from the image via the palette palette (Dialogs -->Palette).
gimp palettes are simple text files and can be edited via the palette
editor or even directly with a text editor of your choice if you can 
find it in your user directory.

to apply it to your image, change the mode of the image to rgb and then
index it again using your edited palette.


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