Maciej ZiÄba <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I've just started using GIMP in Linux and I've come to a problem. I
> suppose the answer is simple but I've looked and tried everything that
> came to my mind...
> Let's say I make a rectangular selection but it turns out it doesn't
> exactly select the area it was supposed to. So I would like to drag
> ("move") the selection (and only selection, not the part of image that
> is selected) to some other place.
> In Windows I would press the Alt key and drag with my right mouse button
> but In Linux I cannot - instead of the selection I'm moving the entire
> GIMP window! :-O
> So is there a way I can move the selection and not the part of image it
> select, nor the window?

Sure, two ways even:

(1) Reconfigure your window manager to not use the Alt key (you could
    for example let it use the Windows key, provided your keyboard has
(2) Press Shift together with Alt.

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