Sven Neumann wrote:

Michele Petrazzo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

Did you use the default value for the tile cache size, or did you
adjust it? The default value is 128 MB IIRC, but if you're going to
open large images and you have 1 GB of RAM, it should be much
higher than that.

On linux machine I found only "maximum size of new image"

Look again then; it's in the Environment preferences page. And GIMP
did also explain this setting to you when it run the user installation.

Opss! I found it.
But on linux machine, this isn't the problem. The big problem on this
OS, is the cpu time. I think that 70-80 sec for a preview of a command is too much, also if I work on a big image.

So I think that gimp is not able to work with this big image.

Michele Petrazzo
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