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> Subject: [Gimp-user] Positioning elements
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> (In Linux) I'm having a problem positioning elements. When I select the
> move tool and try using the keyboard, it's not moving the element ...
> instead, it's zooming in and out. The mouse isn't precise enough to set
> element, and I don't see a way to specify the absolute position of an
> element.
> Also, is there a tool / addin / ??? that will allow centering a layer
> (horizontally, vertically, or both) within an image?

You might try Layer, Align Visible Layers.

I also wrote a script to do this task in a way I liked better and found
more user friendly which you might find useful but it doesn't really do
anything new.

Align Layer Script
(free for personal non-commercial use mostly because it is sort of
incomplete and not well tested.  if you want to do anything else
with it just ask and I'm sure we can sort something out).


Alan Horkan

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