On Thu, 24 Feb 2005, Michael Satterwhite wrote:
> Also, is there a tool / addin / ??? that will allow centering a layer
> (horizontally, vertically, or both) within an image?

The Graphics Muse Tools includes a plugin called GFXLayers.  It allows 
a single layer or a set of layers based on an anchor layer you specify.  Layers
can be positioned interactively by dragging them around the preview or they 
can be positioned using a set of predefined toggles.

And yes, this will allow you to center a specific layer on the image.  Just 
on the layer name while you hold down the Ctrl key (to make it the anchor layer)
and choose "Centered" from the Anchor Position toggles.  Changes are immediate.

These plugins work either with GIMP 1.2/GTK+ 1.2 or with GIMP 2.2.3/GTK+ 2.6 
tried them with GTK+ 2.4 yet).  There is a different source package depending on
which version you need.


Hope that helps.
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