On Mon, Feb 21, 2005 at 10:30:12AM +0100, Michele Petrazzo wrote:
> Hello list,
> my customer say me that he want a new graphic workstation. He said:
> "give me a good machine with win xp and photoshop for handle tiff image
> that can have 400/500 MB ", and have replied: "xp and photoshop? No!
> linux and gimp!".
> I install it, but after a day of tries, I see that gimp can't work very 
> well with these big images! My tries:
> hardware: cpu amd 2600+, 1GB ram, hd 80GB Maxtor, ati 7000 64MB
> OS            gimp    time open(400MB)        time curves
> linux mdk 10.0        2.0     40 sec                  80 sec
> linux mdk 10.0        1.2     20 sec                  70 sec
> win xp                2.2     35-40 sec               70 sec
> OS            gimp    time open(300MB)        time curves
> linux mdk 10.0        2.0     20 sec                  40 sec
> linux mdk 10.0        1.2     15 sec                  35 sec
> win xp                2.2     35-40 sec               40 sec
you should start over with these numbers with the gimp preview turned off 
at the tools dialog.

and dont bother with gimp-1.2.

and there is something wrong with a test environment where the windows
gimp is newer than the linux gimp.

your customer said he wanted a good machine, so the problem might also
be that you are relying on binary installations of a linux application
and an honestly good machine should be able to build their own gimp.

so, race it on the good machine your customer wants, first.  count the
seconds without the previews toggled on or tell him to wait until
photoshop can provide real previews so it can be a fair race.


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