In time, I am in no way  complaining of what Jay, Sven, Mitch, Bill
and others are doing...sometimes I am just amazed with the changes
that go overnight on CVS. It is just that there seens to be more work
than can be done in the spare time of anyone. Even Sven's excellent
plan to categorize gradients, paletts, fonts and brushes seens to be
in limbo.

I'd like to echo the above sentiments. As a bit of a list newbie I fear I've come in sounding like I'm doing a lot of complaining, and I hope my comments haven't sounded TOO much that way :). As things are, my technical contributions are limited due to finding hacking out code to be a stressor, but drawing & playing with pixels a major relaxation - but that's just me, and I figure I can contribute some with information as an end user.


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