[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2005-02-26 at 1805.22 +1100):
> In order to get past any background processing photoshop may have been 
> doing, I also tried adjusting the curve in the curves dialog then 
> quickly hit OK - this came out taking the same time as if I moved the 
> curve and waited 10 seconds before clicking OK. Closing the image 
> immediately afterwards was also instant, so there seemed to be no 
> tricky background processing happening over the whole image area.

For anybody trying to guess about background tricks, best would be a
system monitor and see the CPU load. If app says it has ended, but the
monitor reports the app is eating near 100%, there are some kind of
trick there, or interface oriented optimization, it depends the point
of view. So fire up top, gkrellm, activity monitor, task manager or
whatever you have in the OS and see what is really going on.

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