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> What resources are available for learning Gimp. Hopefully progressing
> from relatively basic (actually, I can do many of the basics now) to use
> of some of the advanced features. I looked at the books referenced on
> the Website, but they are old enough that I'm guessing they are of
> limited use.

There is the GUG (GIMP User Group).  I haven't reviewed it in some time
but last I checked there was quite a bit of information there.

FWIW, I write monthly columns for both Linux Format (UK print magazine)
and Tux Magazine (online magazine from the publishers of Linux Journal)
with GIMP tutorials.  I'm putting the Linux Format articles up on my
site, but there are still quite a few to put up.  Only a few are there
now.  Tux just published it's first issue this month and it's a free
download (at least I think its free).

Tux: http://www.tuxmagazine.com/
Linux Format: http://www.linuxformat.co.uk/ (we site is about to undergo
a major upgrade, apparently)
My online tutorials: http://www.ximba.org/articles

> I know about the tutorials on the web - and am going through them, but
> what resources exist beyond those? Would an up-to-date book on Photoshop
> help for concepts?

Actually, I taught myself GIMP long ago by reading Photoshop texts.  The
basic functionality is the same - layers, channels, pixel processing. 
What is different is where you look for features - in other words, the
user interface.  Once you know where things are in the GIMP, then
reading Photoshop texts can help quite a bit in learning basic image
editing techniques.  Complex tasks are mostly a matter of putting
together lots of basic techniques.  That is, essentially, what many
filters do for you.

When reading Photoshop tutorials, try to break them down into their
basic processes, then convert that to their equivalents in GIMP.  Don't
get bogged down because Photoshop has fancy filter Blah but GIMP
doesn't.  Try to understand what Blah *is actually doing* and find the
equivalent set of basic filters and tools in GIMP that will do the same

Hope that helps a little.
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