Thanks for that.

When manually dragging an edge, is there a way to constrain it on an axis?

In Photoshop you hold shift and your cursor motion will be restricted to the 
initial axis you start moving your mouse on.

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Select the "Scale the layer or selection" tool (Shift+T) in the
toolbox, then click the "Transform Selection" button (the pink square)
in the tool options.  This allows you to scale a selection using
handles on the corners of the selection.

On Mon, 28 Feb 2005 10:05:10 -0500, Kalle Ounapuu
> After selecting a region with the box selection tool, is there a way to fine
> tune the selection? 
> In Photoshop, I use the "Select/Transform Selection" tool, and it gives me
> transform handles on the edges and corners of the selection.
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