I can see that fuzzyness you're talking about, and it seems strange that a 
direct screenshot would result in that... so it may have to do with your export.

I looked at one of your PNG screenshots... opening it in Photoshop I was 
presented with a prompt about Pixel Aspect Ratio. The PNG's you've exported 
have the "PHYS" PNG chunk in them. This controls the the aspect ratio of the 
pixels of the image, believe it or not. I think it's supposed to give you 
control over how an image is viewed on different displays (crt, lcd, mobile 
phone, tv, etc).

Maybe this is having an effect? It certainly did when I opened it in Photoshop. 
After removing the PHYS chunk, the screenshot looked a lot more normal in 
Photoshop... but it still had a little fuzzyness.

So maybe it's the compression you're choosing for the PNG? All your PNG's are 
RGB... so that has lossy compression. Are you putting it down a little bit?

Since these are screenshots of applications... I would recommend outputting 
Indexed PNG's instead of RGB. This has some advantages in this case... like 
smaller file sizes (only a few colours are being used in your screenshots)... 
plus it uses lossless compression, so your screenshots will not get blurry.

Go to "Image/Mode/Indexed" before exporting the PNG. Reduce the colours to what 
you think is a little higher than what the screenshot is using... hopefully 
GIMP will detect unused colours and remove them. For dithering options... turn 
them off unless you have large areas of an image with gradients occuring.

When you export the PNG... uncheck all boxes in the PNG options, and make sure 
compression is maximum.

Try this stuff out, see what happens.

BTW, search for a windows utility called TweakPNG. It's a great PNG utility... 
it gives you control over the internal workings of a PNG.

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Hi all, 
am making up a newbies help file for Ubuntu,
but am not completely happy with the crispness of the screen shots
I have taken with "gimp". Is there any way of improving them very much.
May be too critical, but as it's my first work would like it to look
more professional than I really am.


Many thanks in advance
Take care

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