Eric Seppanen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Yes, but at smaller sizes this results in a bad lumpy circle.
> Presumably elliptical-select is drawing a pixellated circle, and then
> selection-to-path is approximating that pixellated shape with the path.

It's a known problem of the selection to path conversion that the
source is a mask, and thus bound to pixels. You can get better results
by tuning the selection to path conversion (Shift-Click the button in
the Paths dialog).

> To me this demonstrates a need for one of two things:
> 1. A way to add elliptic arcs to paths
> 2. A simple way to constrain the bezier curves to very precise
> approximations of circular arcs (and/or elliptic arcs).

Basically what's needed is a tool to create basic shapes. Internally
most of the infrastructure needed for this is already available,
including functions to generate perfect circular paths (as you may
probably already have found out from the SVG example).

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