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But GIMP is Free Software with the source code open to everyone.
So the GIMP's development team could be as large as it's user base.

You are correct but many of the users wouldn't know C++ from JAVA so
wouldn't be much help in the optimization.  I am a user but I don't
have any time to assist in the development other than submitting bug
reports which I have never had to do with GIMP.

Fallacy #1(at least I consider it #1) w/ regards to Open Source
development, "I can't help because I'm not a programmer/coder".

There are many ways to be helpful and be part of the "development
team", submit bugs, submit suggestions/wishlist, write docs/howtos,
help out w/ the website, demo The Gimp to people local to you, etc...
. This applies to almost any project.

Good points. I was thinking of how to optimize coding to make GIMP run faster as speed is the issue of the thread. And the comment was based on code development in regards to Photoshop and GIMP.

I submit bugs when I come across them.

I have thought about the documentation point of view. This is one area that many open source programs have problems. I do want to help there but again time is an issue. I am subscribed to the LDP.

Writing good documentation takes time but it is necessary.

On the note of development, I read that Adobe is releasing some code to the Open Source community and I thought that I read some of it was from Photoshop.

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