Hihi, list.

I'm writing to complain about the Path Tool. Sorry if this has been
brought up before; I haven't checked the archives or anything. Also,
if this should go in the -devel ml, just poke me and I'll move the
discussion there.

The path tool is pitifully lacking in features. One is unable to
select points by dragging a box around them, you can't split selected
points into a new path, the lines are not rendered dynamically, the
path 'layers' are too independent from the other layers.

So, here's a few things I propose:
* Move path 'layers' into the normal layers window, however you do it.
* Render paths dynamically.
* Give each separate path options for how it should be rendered
(width, color, cap style, etc. Basically the stuff in the Stroke Path
* Add more tools for working with paths (split, join, drag-to-select,
select a whole sub-path, invert selection, etc. etc.)

If you do even a few of these, O Almighty Developers, I will worship
you forever.

If some of these things have been implemented without my knowledge,
please slap me in the head and point me at how to use them.

...on second thoughts, I could do without the slapping.

Thanks! ^_^
- nornagon
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