Sven Neumann <sven <at>> writes:

> Hi,
> "Joao S. O. Bueno Calligaris" <gwidion <at>> writes:
> > If you will be needing two or three bezier points only, tell me, and
> > point me to such a page, I can work a python script for doing that.
> I just added a new PDB function to CVS that will simplify this a lot.
> Basically you can now say
>  gimp_path_import_string ("<?xml?><svg><ellipse rx='100' ry='100'/></svg>",
>                           -1, FALSE, FALSE);
> and don't have to fiddle with the details of getting the bezier points
> right. We still need a better PDB API for vectors though. Someone needs
> to motivate Simon...


Functionality like this would be really neat. When it happens, it shouldn't stop
at circles. You could have a whole slew of basic shapes and things.

Also, wouldn't be a bad idea to have tools to, say, rotate a path? Resize it?

- nornagon

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